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Paper Title - Road Quality Analysis using Perspective Input Image

Majority of local and metropolitan roads in countries like India, Pakistan, Burma, and Nigeria and so on are unsuitable or unreliable, as these roads have lots of obstacles which have caused loss of lives and damage to physical attribute of human property. Road analysis using active or passive image processing is highly active in research. Though the research is high and issues of work are large the outcome results remain limited and non generic to deal, which due to lack of information. Here at this paper we propose the work contributed to create prototype for analyzing the road using perspective images considered if taken from front camera of a car and discover obstacles from that image, with giving the quality of road in graphical format. Index terms - Image processing; Image segmenting, Image feature extraction.

Author - Harsha Nagaraj Honnu, Chandra Naik

Citation - Harsha Nagaraj Honnu   ,   Chandra Naik   ,   Harsha Nagaraj Honnu, Chandra Naik " Road Quality Analysis using Perspective Input Image " , International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering , Volume-5,Issue-6  ( Jun, 2017 )

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| Published on 2017-08-28