International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering(IJIEEE).
Welcome to the website of the International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering(IJIEEE). IJIEEE aims to provide a high profile, leading edge forum for academic researchers, industrial professionals, engineers, consultants, managers, educators and policy makers working in the field to contribute and disseminate innovative new work on Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering.
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IJIEEE provides a new forum for dissemination of knowledge on both theoretical and applied research on Industrial Electronics  with an ultimate aim to bridge the gap between these two non-coherent disciplines of knowledge. The Journal offers survey and review articles from experts in the field, promoting insight and understanding of the state of art, and latest trends in the field. The content includes original research and innovation ideas, applications from all over the world. All published papers are also available freely with online full-text content. This forum accelerates interaction between the above two bodies of knowledge, and fosters unified development in next generation computational models for machine intelligence. Special Issues devoted to topics of current interest will be published occasionally.

  • Editor-in-Chief : Prof.(Brig) S P Joshi Visiting Faculty AmplifyMindware,DITM,BVDU
  • Executive Editor : Prof. Goodarz Ahmadi, Clarkson University,USA