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Paper Title - License Plate Recognition for Remote Monitoring of Traffic

This paper addresses the implementation of a control strategy for traffic rules. We propose a completely automated challan system that will suffice in order to determine any punishable offence regarding traffic signals. The project aims at designing a system which includes a USB camera which automatically captures the image of the number plate of a vehicle whenever any vehicle attempts to cross the traffic light illegally i.e. when the signal is red. This system works on a Raspberry Pi processor which will transmit the processed characters using image processing techniques to the control room in order to take some authorised action against the driver. Index terms - Raspberry pi, USB Camera, Image Processing.

Author - Ayush Agarwal, Aman Saluja

Citation - Ayush Agarwal   ,   Aman Saluja   ,   Ayush Agarwal, Aman Saluja " License Plate Recognition for Remote Monitoring of Traffic " , International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering , Volume-5,Issue-5  ( May, 2017 )

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| Published on 2017-07-14