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Paper Title - Speed Control of Dc Motor Using Fuzzy Logic With Micro Controller

This paper displays knowledge into the speed control of DC engine utilizing a fuzzy logic controller to meet the fancied speed. Fuzzy logic is a standout amongst the best uses of fuzzy rules in which the factors are semantic i.e linguistic instead of numeric. A fuzzy logic controller (FLC) depends on an arrangement of control tenets (fuzzy standards) among semantic factors. The proposed fuzzy controller brings about a superior reaction contrasted with the fundamental fuzzy controller and typical reaction of DC engine. It comprises of two note-worthy parts: hardware usage and programming advancement. In the hardware part, H-connect DC engine driver will be outlined and created. The outlined H-connect DC control converter will be utilized as the equipment interface between DC engine and the chip based fluffy controller. A recurrence to-voltage converter (FVC) and simple to-computerized converter (ADC) will be utilized to change over and give the real speed motion. The product part expects to plan and build up an advanced fuzzy logic speed controller by shifting the beat width for DC engine applications utilizing MATLAB/simulink. In outline, this paper would like to exhibit the ability of fuzzy logic in planning a controller for a DC engine. Index Terms- fuzzy logic, Dc motor, DC-DC Converter.

Author - Sumit Kumar Singh, Mrs. S. D. Joshi

Citation - Sumit Kumar Singh   ,   Mrs. S. D. Joshi   ,   Sumit Kumar Singh, Mrs. S. D. Joshi " Speed Control of Dc Motor Using Fuzzy Logic With Micro Controller " , International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering , Volume-5,Issue-2  ( Feb, 2017 )

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| Published on 2017-04-12