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Paper Title - Prototyping Iris Recognition Based Weapon Control System

Iris recognition was mainly used for biometric identification of a person. But in the recent years many ideas showed that iris recognition is not only restricted for biometric identification, its application is extended vastly in control purpose, understanding human behavior with outside world, health monitoring etc. In this project iris movement based weapon control system idea is proposed. The idea includes controlling weapons mounted on defense robots through iris movement. Here we have Hough transform based iris detection and tracking. On an average it takes 25ms to find centroid of iris from its captured. Keywords— Iris Movement, Morphology, HSV Transformation, Gaussian Distribution, Hough Transform, Arduino Uno.

Author - Nitesh Patil, Kanchan Ballolli

Citation - Nitesh Patil   ,   Kanchan Ballolli   ,   Nitesh Patil, Kanchan Ballolli " Prototyping Iris Recognition Based Weapon Control System " , International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering , Volume-4,Issue-3  ( Mar, 2016 )

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| Published on 2016-03-30