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Paper Title - Content Based Image Retrieval

The main issue in content based image retrieval is to extract feature that represent image content in a database. Query image is retrieved from image database by visual contents of image which deals with the retrieval of most similar image in Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). In this paper color features are extracted using color moments and texture features are extracted using HAAR wavelet. Then the distance between query image and image in the database is calculated. The proposed system has demonstrated a promising and faster retrieval method on a WANG image database containing 1000 general-purpose color images. The performance has been evaluated by comparing with the existing systems in the literature. Keywords- CBIR, HAAR Wavelet Transform, Color Moment, Similarity Measure.

Author - Komal Mirchandani, T.Rajani Mangala

Citation - Komal Mirchandani   ,   T.Rajani Mangala   ,   Komal Mirchandani, T.Rajani Mangala " Content Based Image Retrieval " , International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering , Volume-4,Issue-3  ( Mar, 2016 )

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| Published on 2016-03-30