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Smart Home Equipped With Voice Recognition

In the 21st century automation plays an important role in our daily lives. Automation system is used to reduce human labour, effort time and error which human commits. The current technology that is very popular now a days is language processing system, which uses voice commands to control different loads. We can control the home appliances with our voice and this is called home automation system. No effort has to be devoted, only voice command will do all the work. In or project we are using an arduino microcontroller which process the user commands and which controls the switching of different loads. In this technological world our main concern is to increase efficiency and decrease effort. With the advent of ‘Internet of Things’ in the last decade, we are pushing towards the new computing in all over the world. Technology significantly changed the living standards of modern society. There is a huge rise of electronic devices made in a household, to make it a automated home control system has become a mounting helpful trait. The system that we are using now a days have problems with complexity, high cost, non-open sources and multiple incompatible standards. Our project devoted to design an open source, reasonably priced and way easy to use in home. Which will be done by interfacing the open source Arduino microcontroller with laptop which makes ease to use to manage home appliances. Different steps were carried out in our projects. The arduino is first interfaced with the laptop then the system is made to work with appliance in a well equipped home. In this paper we have described a home automation system which uses speech commands uttered by a user to control various home appliances. In this project we have proposed system combines both the inbuilt windows macros software for speech recognition.