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Design Of FPGA Controlled Closed Loop Bi-Directional Dc-Dc (BDC) Converter For Renewable Energy Storage Applications

This paper describes the development of Bi-Directional DC-DC converter (BDC) for solar application. BDC can be used either as a Buck converter or either as a Boost converter. Designed converter in this paper is controlled with PWM techniques. Based on availability of supply BDC can operated in two modes i.e., if supply is available at solar PV side BDC acts as boost converter otherwise acts as buck mode. During day time when sunlight is available Buck Converter is used for charging the battery but during night time when sunlight is not available Boost converter will provide supply with the help of battery. Basically there are three control methods of BDC: current mode control method, voltage mode control method and feedforward control method. But here in this paper we are controlling BDC by the help of voltage mode control method. This method has several advantages as compared to another method. The main advantages of voltage mode control method are it is easy to control, easy to design, easy to implement and it has less complexity. Keywords- Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter, Buck converter, Boost Converters.