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Advanced Power Electronics Interface For SEIG Based Wind Power Generation With Battery Energy Back Up Unit With Grid Interaction

Present energy need heavily relies on the conventional sources. But the limited availability and steady increase in the price of conventional sources has shifted the focus toward renewable sources of energy. Of the available alternative sources of energy, wind energy is considered to be one of the proven technologies. With a competitive cost for electricity generation, wind energy conversion system (WECS) is nowadays deployed for meeting both grid-connected and stand-alone load demands. However, wind flow by nature is intermittent. In order to ensure continuous supply of power suitable storage technology is used as backup. In this work, the sustainability of a 4-kW hybrid of wind and battery system is investigated for meeting the requirements of a 3-kW stand-alone dc load representing a base telecom station. A charge controller for battery bank based on turbine maximum power point tracking and battery state of charge is developed to ensure controlled charging and discharging of battery. The mechanical safety of the WECS is assured by means of pitch control technique. Both the control schemes are integrated and the efficacy is validated by testing it with various load and wind profiles in MATLAB/SIMULNIK. Later, this project is extended towards grid integration using advanced power electronics along with better control strategies for voltage regulation and load sharing. Field oriented stationary current controller used for the purpose of current controller and dc bus regulation method is used to maintain the dc bus voltage constant there by maintained inverter output voltage of required to meet the voltage regulation limits. Simulation based results demonstrates that proposed controllers along with advance power electronics schemes successfully used for the mentioned purpose