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Analysis Of Diode Clamped 3-Level Inverter In 2-Stage Solar PV System

This paper includes the discussion about the principle of working and simulation of FPGA controlled 3-level diode clamped inverter, which is fed by solar PV based DC bus.DC bus was created with help of solar PV models and charge controller to feed DC loads directly or AC loads indirectly through proposed 3-level inverter. FPGA based 3-level inverter was simulated on Xilinx and MATLAB Simulink environments. Firing pulses ware generated through Xilinx system generator flat form to control the switches of multi-level inverter in MATLAB Simulink environment. And also discussed and calculated the performance parameters of inverter to judge the performance. FPGA is used to generate pulses at fast switching frequency to Also with the addition of FPGA this three level inverter having the fast processing speed and since the FPGA having low cost in order to hardware implementation this will make these topologies better than the previous topologies which have been made in inverters. Keywords- 3-Level Inverter, SPV system, Diode Clamped Multi Level Inverter, FPGA Controller, SPWM.