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Innovative Design And Simulation Of Gas Level Detection System In Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinder For Indian Household Application

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is essential one for all cooking applications. Probably all of us are in too much problem when the gas cylinder gets emptied during the peak cooking hours. This paper explains to get accurate measurements about the gas available in LPG cylinder by using decreasing pressure level due to consumption of the gas. The paper involves the pressure sensor which is used to calculate the level of the gas left inside the cylinder. The output signal from the pressure sensor is given to the ARDUINO, where the voltage corresponding to the gas pressure is stored. The same signal is displayed in the LED, which is connected to the output port of the controller to show the amount of LPG left in the cylinder. Keywords- 1-Liquefied Petroleum Gas, 2-Pressure sensor 3-MPX4115, 4-ARDUINO