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Analysis Of Optimum Temperature And Validity Of Biogas Plant

Nowadays, the Global warming and climatic changes have enough deviation to be taken as Earth’s atmosphere being at a high risk. The increasing temperature of Earth is an important symptom of this destruction. Combustion of Fuels and violation of conventional energies are highly responsible for this situation. Along with it, one more problem is arising rapidly that is waste management. India is a highly populated country; hence the waste generated per person is more. At this moment India is facing a huge problem of waste management along with energy crisis. Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms. Biogas technology is based on anaerobic fermentation of organic waste that includes cowdung, human manure, agricultural wastes etc. The bacterium responsible for the fermentation process is dependent on the temperature. In this research paper, the optimum temperature is obtained at which the efficiency of Biogas plant can be reached to the maximum level. Keywords- Biogas plant, Digester, Slurry, Temperature Controller, Methane.