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Objective Stress Assessment Of Indoor Noises Based On Multiple Linear Regression Analysis

This paper proposes an objective assessment of stress under indoor noise conditions. In the proposed assessment method, both a qualitative stress score and quantitative feature parameters are collected according to a sequence of various indoor noises. The qualitative stress score is obtained by continuously evaluating the perceptual intensity of stress for a certain period with a score ranging from 1 to 10 under indoor noise conditions. In addition, the quantitative stress score is represented by a combination of various audio feature parameters consisting of psychoacoustic, spectral, and temporal features. Finally, a multiple linear regression analysis is conducted on the pairs of the qualitative and quantitative stress scores to design an objective stress score estimator. It is shown from the evaluation that the proposed stress assessment method could estimate stress score with mean error of 1.06 and standard deviation of 0.92. Keywords- Objective Stress Assessment; Indoor Noise; Qualitative Stress Score; Audio Feature Parameter; Multiple Linear Regression Analysis.