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Thehrmal Radiation Analysis For Led Module

In this paper, the purpose of the research is to finding a most suitable material for CRI (Color Rendering Index) 95 or more high efficiency LED module. The characteristics of the LED materialis very weak to heat. Thermal radiation simulation was performed with four materials, Al (Aluminum), New Al, Cu (Copper) and PC (Poly Carbonate). Simulation executed using the MIDAS NFX CFD2014 R2 heat transfer simulation software program. Two value were measured. First one is the temperature of the LED Case and the temperature of LED lead temperature. According to the simulation results, the best material in the LED Case, is a PC. For the LED lead temperature, New Al showed the lowest temperature in the simulation. There should be experiments need to be done, since only four material is not enough to find a best material Keywords- Heat Transfer Analysis, Green LED, Heat Flow Simulation, Conductive Material, High CRI