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Integration Of RFID And 4g Systems For Nearly Expired Food Notification

Today, people are provided with abundant basic necessities in advanced countries, but the other problem is: waste of food. Even though recent studies show that some expired food is still edible[1],it is still better to consume the food before it expires. Now a day, people are very busy for their work in industrial society. Therefore, many people like purchasing a lot of food in the markets to stock up and cook for 1 week, even 1 month. That can be a good idea for busy modern people because they might not have enough free time to buy fresh food everyday. Nevertheless, people could hardly keep track the expiration date on every single item. Chances are: the food might already expire whenever they want to cook or eat it. Thus, this research presents a design of RFID-based Nearly Expired Food Notification System with 4G Systems and real-time SMS messages, the system is able to record food information in the Database. Also, it can send a SMS messages to users’ cellphone or show food information on the monitors to notify people which food is about to expire. Not only can people eat or cook fresh food, but also they will rarely waste expired food. Keywords: RFID, RFID-based Nearly Expired Food Notification System, 4G Systems and real-time SMS messages.