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Overcoming The Influence Of Human Shadowing Via Modified Building Using Frequency Selective Wallpapers For 60 GHZ

The growing demand for a very high speed and bandwidth over wireless communications makes the millimeter wave (mm-wave) “60 GHz” a great choice to be studied and used in order to achieve this desire. While the propagating signal of this frequency can be easily blocked by any obstacle or body that faces it, This paper aims to solve this problem by using the Square Loop (SL) Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) in such a way to provide a stronger reflected signal to those shadowed positions as a result from the variety of the signal paths and enhancing the received signal power. As a result, minimizing the effect of human bodies which can attenuate 60 GHz signal. Keywords- 60GHz; Frequency Selective Surface; Human Modeling; Millimeter Wave.