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Real Time Traffic Monitoring System Based On Arm

Different monitoring systems are used for video surveillance, such as analog based monitoring system, PC based monitoring system etc. These monitoring systems have different disadvantages such as they are only suitable for small scale monitoring, size is large, and system installation cost is high. The main focus of ARM based digital video monitoring system is to provide efficient and high quality video surveillance which is cost effective. ARM based digital video monitoring system consist Hardware platform that uses Samsung S32440 processor in which ARM is act as control panel. ARM has strong control transmission capacity and good video processing capability. Samsung S3C2440 uses H.264 video coding technique which is use for video encoding and decoding. S3C2440 consist of RTP (real time transport protocol) which completes video capture, encoding and transmission process. Samsung S3C2440 processor has small size and rich interface. Its frequency is up-to 433MHz. Software includes boot loader, Linux kernel. NAND flash driver & Network card driver are compiled directly into kernel. Video monitoring has been applied to variety of fields for example family security, traffic monitoring and telecom education. The system is cost effective and provides better video quality compare to other video compression techniques in terms of efficiency, reference frames, resolution. Keywords- ARM9-S3C2440, real time traffic monitoring, H.264, video encoding& decoding.