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Three Phase Distribution Protection And Theft Detection System Using ZIGBEE

As we know that electricity losses during transmission and distribution are extremely high due to which many problems are faced such as varying voltage levels, changes in the load current etc. This has been experienced due to the varying electrical consumption. Power theft and protection load side equipment. Also these gives rise to fault in power transmission line network and so it is necessary to implement fault detection and theft detection system in distribution line network. This project has two subsystem implemented one system will detect and measure distributed voltage, current and transformer winding temperature if measure electrical parameter and above or below present level then system automatically operate the circuit breaker. Whereas in another subsystem will detect any theft occur in the distributed network or line. In this section the all consumer consumed units is matched total unit if any consumer bypasses its energy meter then our system will detects i.e. theft occur in that particular area and send this information via GSM to related electrical office. In this project, we are using one temperature sensor, ADC, Microcontroller (89s52, LCD) for displaying the fault and parameters, PIC, GSM board used to send the fault message to electricity board. Keywords- PIC (Pick inverse controller), GSM (Global system monitoring) modem, ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter), Microcontroller, Zigbee Unit.