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Analysis for Cost Saving of Industrial Building with Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV System

The objective of this study is to decrease the energy expenses of a woven bag factory by designing a grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the rooftop of the factory building. The implementation of a solar PV system aims to meet the high demand for electrical energy in the factory, offices, and public areas while minimizing costs. This research involved the utilization of Helioscope software to design the rooftop areas of the factory and the evaluation of the factory's energy costs using Homer software. The grid tied rooftop PV system was constructed as an appropriate system model that incorporates the performance of energy load, grid, and PV using MATLAB/Simulink. The analysis of the simulation results demonstrates that the project generates approximately 672MWh of energy annually, which accounts for approximately 72% of the performance ratio in the woven bag factory. Moreover, the electricity generation process from the solar PV system has the potential to save 2360.40 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Keywords - Grid tied rooftop PV system, Helioscope Software, Homer Software, MATLAB/ Simulink