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Load Forecasting and Sizing of PV-Utility Grid Hybrid EV Charging Station

The solution for decarbonizing road transport is the use of electric vehicle. However, the integration of EVs to power system will inevitably introduce concerns to the security operation of power system. In order to promote the further development of the EVs, it is necessary to develop a forecast method for EV charging load, which is not only of significant importance to the economic operation of the power system, but also the determination of the charging infrastructure planning scheme. The load forecasting of electric vehicles (EVs) is the fundamental process of planning and scheduling of charging stations. This paper focus on forecasting the EV charging load based on the real travelling data at corner of 78 st& 101 st, Mandalay City in Myanmar. Secondly, analyze the solar radiation for PV design calculation of charging station. This paper is presented the energy consumption of electric car, day time total EV charging power consumption based on traffic data, power supply curve based on solar radiation and sizing of PV-utility grid hybrid EV charging station. Keywords - Load Forecasting, Traffic Data, Charging Station, PV Sizing, Battery Sizing