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Techno-Economic Analysis of PV Integration into an Existing Diesel-Hydro Micro Grid System in Remote Island

In recent times, off-grid renewable power generation systems have emerged as viable solutions for supplying inexpensive electricity in remote areas. Kadan island is one of the tourist destination islands in Tanintharyi region which is supplied using a diesel-hydro micro grid system. The electricity supply with diesel generator is expensive. As the fuel prices rise, the cost of energy in the existing system ($0.267/kWh)is much higher than in other regions. Moreover, the whole island of Kadan cannot still provideenough energy. The proposed system integrates PV (photovoltaic) into an existing diesel-hydro system in remote island to provide sufficient energy for the whole island of Kadan at the lowest cost. The objective of the paper is that integrating renewable energy into the existing system of the remote island can significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels while retaining the system's environmental and economic impact. HOMER(Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewable) software was used tocarry out techno-economic analysis for the proposed hybrid system. The results of the analyses show better performance in technical aspects, the optimal solution and the cost of a hybrid system. Keywords - Techno-Economic Analysis, Integrating renewable energy, Kadan Island, Off-Grid PV system, HOMER