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Load Forecasting of Power System Planning and Operation of Mandalay Urban Area

One of the trickiest forecasting topics is moving holiday electricity load demand forecasting. Because it entails projecting the level of peak demand, forecasting electricity load demand is crucial. The electricity demand in Mandalay area may be increased dramatically. The increase in demand may vary according to the new population, their living standard, new township development plans and new industrial zones. Mandalay city will be needed the sufficient electricity demand. Load forecasting is a major role to provide sufficient energy without electricity shortage to the consumers. This paper presents the survey of electricity load demand forecasting for Mandalay urban area year by year. The main objective is to forecast long term load forecasting for 30 years plan of Mandalay urban area, based on time sequence method. The load forecasting is done for 30 years and is validated for the accuracy. Keywords - Electricity Demand Forecasting, Load Demand, Time Sequence Method, Peak Demand, Load Forecasting.