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Defected Slots 3D Antenna Structure for Millimeter Applications

Abstract - The proposed antenna is constructed as 3D structure that is constructed from a conductive cylindrical cone. The antenna is realized by etching elliptical slot arrays on the cone structure. We apply the use of a conductive circular reflector underneath of the proposed cone to increase the antenna gain. We found that the proposed antenna provides effectively a bandwidth that starts from 1GHz up to 30GHz. Nevertheless, the proposed antenna shows a gain the is varying from 3dBi up to 15dBi within the frequency band of interest. The antenna geometrical details are optimized numerically using a parametric study with CST MWS software package. After arriving to the optimal design, the obtained results are validated using another software package based on HFSS simulation technology. We found that the obtained results from the applied software packages agree to each other very well. Keywords - mmW, 3D Antenna, Defects.