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Earthing System Interpretation of 33 KV Substation

Abstract - We can’t imagine our life without electricity. But as the use of electricity increases tremendously with time and the accidents come in picture. By using proper earthing practices, we can reduce the accidents in more extents. For this purpose, we work on earthing system. In this paper many things are discussed like earth resistance, earth electrode size,GPR, grounding loop, step potential, touch potential, grounding grid. We are trying for best earthing, how the earthing can become proper and how accidents can reduce. Now a day we areusing ground rods, ground grid, substation surface material which are very useful for good earthing. Installation of proper earthing in less cost is very important. Here, we compare the different condition of earth resistivity, earth rod, length of earth rod, grounding grid by taking both wet and dry condition. For earth resistance measurement various methods are used and for keeping the earth resistance low we can add additional elements which reduces earth resistivity. Keywords - Earthing Grid, Earthing Resistance, GPR, Step Potential, Touch Potential .