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Increasing Productivity by Eliminating Wire Breakage Problem in Wire Drawing Process

Abstract - Wire drawing is a metal working process used to reduce the cross-section of a wire by pulling the wire through a single, or series of, dies. This is a very vast topic to study because there are so many Factors that affect the major role in the designing of a die. The wire breakage problem can be solved not only by an efficient die design but also by providing proper environment to wiredrawing process. Previous researchers had done their work and they have found that deformation behavior of various surface defects, such as transverse, longitudinal and round, introduced during the processes of manufacturing. Surface quality assurance of hot rolled wires is important because surface defects can develop unwanted residual stresses which will turn into the breakage of wire and damage to the die also. This paper presents a modified design of wire drawing die with the help of drawing mechanics of wire drawing process and will see the thermal, mechanical effects of process on wire and drawing die which will result in breakage problem and using all these data we will design a die having a particular geometry for particular type of wire material, so that we will have minimum breakage issue and maximum profit. Keywords - Wire Drawing, Die Angle, Thermal Effects, Redundant Deformation, Lubrication