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The Role of Nano Technology Materials in Keeping the Architectural Heritage

Buildings with Architectural Heritage are considered an important part of cultural heritage for any country that is why the two researchers reaching to some recommendations, Conclusions and additions, where the most important recommendation is the using of Nano Technology Materials because of their unique characteristics. Nano Technology Materials are Materials with high quality, did not need cyclic maintenance, and considered as Environmental friendly materials if they are compared with the ordinary materials used in Restoration process. One of the most treating new method that effect on the Heritage buildings in Restoration process is adding (SiO2) material which is treated with Nano Technology Technique on paintings materials which earn it a new property which is Self Cleaning. And in using (Zycosll) material which is treated with Nano Technology Technique on plaster materials it fills spaces and cracks in walls which make walls more strong. Also adding Nano silver substance (10-15 Nano meter) on painting materials it treated with Corrosions in heritage building caused by bacteria and fungi, so the two researchers recommended showing the research to responsible to keep the Architectural Heritage. Keywords - Architectural Heritage – Architectural keeping – Nano Technology – New Materials – Self-Cleaning.