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Wavelength Division Multiplexing Over Plastic Optical Fiber Technology – Small Effort Huge Impact

A low-cost solution for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) system application through Plastic optical fiber (POF) is presented. POF splitter has been fabricated by handmade fusion technique, as an effective transmission media to split and recombine a number of different wavelengths which represents different signals. Two different wavelengths were fully utilized to transmit two different sources of systems; LAN connection Network and video transmission system. Red LED which in 650nm wavelength capable to download and upload data through Ethernet cable while green LED in 520nm wavelength can transmit a video image generated from DVD player or CCTV system. Plastic transparent filter has been placed between the splitter and receiver-end to make sure the entire WDM system can select and generate a single signal as desired. Some parameters, such as optical output power and power losses on the devices were observed, and not mentioning about the effect of filter placement and the efficiency of the handmade splitter itself. This solution is the first reported up to this time in which the LEDs are used to form WDM network to increase the data capacity over plastic optical fiber. In the end of this article, we highlighted the application of WDM-POF network and cost comparison between the commercialized splitters with ours. Our splitter has better insertion loss and uniformity as compare to existing in the market. The article has also highlighted our research strategy in maximizing the output using Multi-dimensional Assessment (MDA) approach on the research.The way of presentation is based on the MDA. Keywords - POF, WDM, Multiplexer, splitter, fusion technique.