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Reducing Communication Overhead In Trse Using Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme Over The Integers

Now a days, cloud computing is a growing technology as it provides various services SAAS, PAAS, IAAS & reduces the IT cost. So Most of IT industries now prefer to cloud for storage of their confidential data. But to store the data at remote cloud may leak data privacy. Although it has various advantages, satisfying customer requirements for security point of view is very challenging task for cloud service provider. Customer expects High Data privacy, search accuracy, less communication overhead from the cloud service providers. In order tackle this TRSE (Two Round Searchable Encryption) scheme has been proposed which achieved high data privacy through homomorphic encryption and search accuracy through vector space model. Scheme used Modified FHEI (fully homomorphic encryption over the integers) which generates the public key of large size. This large key is used for encryption of keywords to hide access pattern & search pattern. This leads to the greater communication overhead between data owner & cloud server thus reduces the efficiency of TRSE. Proposed TRSE reduces the communication overhead in existing TRSE using Public key compression technique for fully homomorphic encryption scheme over the integers & improve the efficiency of existing scheme. Keywords- Cloud, Data Privacy, Fully Homomorhphic Encryption, Vector Space Model, Relevance Scoring.