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Swift And Approximate Multiply And Accumulate Unit For Embedded DSP Applications: A Review

At present era energy consumption in every portable and embedded device is main issue. As we know processor is part of portable and embedded device and multiplier unit is important part of processor. So this paper presents the FPGA comparison, delay and frequency analysis of proposed approximate MAC Unit. The MAC unit is a 8x8-bit Uradhav multiplier with a 16-bit accumulator. The paper’s main focus was to analyze fast adder algorithms and multiplication schemes, and utilizes them in the design and implementation of a MAC unit. Major important issue in digital circuits besides speed, area, power consumption is accuracy. In this work, our main focus is on performance and accuracy, but we do provide some numbers for the arithmetic units relating to energy and power. This is to provide an estimate of the amount of energy and power consumed by the units we choose to implement. The priorities of this paper in order of importance, are, Robust and safe circuits, Design time, Area/speed balance. Using Vedic mathematics and approximation a new multiplier technique is proposed which reduces the delay and hardware complexity. Here a new approximate Multiplier technique is proposed whose the lsb four bits are approximated. The proposed approximate and Accurate multiplier and adder and Multiply and accumulate unit are designed on Xilnx FPGA Virtex 6 device and analyzed the results. The proposed MAC Unit provides an accuracy of . The overall area and Delay and Frequency analysis are presented and compared. From the results we can depict that up to 35% of reduction at all levels are achieved. Keywords- Vedic Mathematics, Urdhva Tiryakbhyam, Multiplication, Approximation, Ripple Carry Adder, Carry-Look- Ahead Adder, Verilog HDL Simulation, MAC Unit