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Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition For Vehicle Parking Management System

A license plate recognition (LPR) system is one type of intelligent transportation system (ITS). It is a type of technology in which the software enables computer system to read automatically the license number plate of vehicle from digital pictures. Reading automatically the number plate means converting the pixel information of digital image into the ASCII text of the number plate. This paper discuses a method for the vehicle number plate recognition from the image using mathematical morphological operations. The main objective is to use different morphological operations in such a way that the number plate of vehicle can be identified accurately. This is based on various operation such as image enhancement, morphological transformation, edge detection and extraction of number plate from vehicle image. After this segmentation is applied to recognize the characters present on number plate using template matching. This algorithm can recognize number plate quickly and accurately from the vehicles image. Keywords- ANPR, ITS, Image Enhancement, Edge Detection, Morphological Operation, Number Plate Extraction, Template Matching.