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Fault Detection Of Induction Motor Through Envelope Analysis

Induction motors are susceptible to many types of faults. Condition monitoring and fault detection of induction motor have been challenging task for engineers and researchers. This paper presents a technique to detect Bearing fault and Inter turn fault through envelope analysis. Envelope is the argument of the analytic signal obtained from complexing the motor current as the real part and its Hilbert transform as the imaginary part. Detail coefficients of envelopes for various motor conditions are obtained by applying DWT over it and obtained power detail density, defined as PDD and power detail energy, defined as PDE for faulty and healthy motor. PDD and PDE can be used here as fault parameters. ANN is used to classify these faults based on PDD and PDE. Keywords- Induction Motor, Discrete wavelet transform, Hilbert transform, Wavelet, PDD, PDE.