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Electromagnetic Pollution Mapping in Uludag University Central Campus

On the earth and so in our country, with the technological improvements and increasing demands of increasing population, the electromagnetic pollution sources around us are also increasing. In particular, it is very important to keep electromagnetic pollution rates under the limit values for intensive living areas (such as home, workplace, school, university campuses, etc.). Uludag University Görükle Campus is one of the most important point for Bursa, which has a high number of students and a medical faculty hospital where thousands of people visit every day. Therefore, the determination of electromagnetic pollution is considerable. In this study, the electric field values between 27 MHz - 3 GHz frequency band (GSM, UMTS, WIFI, TV and Radio frequencies) were measured statically at the determined points in order to understand the density of electromagnetic fields on the campus. The measurement results were evaluated within the defined limits by the national (Information and Communication Technologies Autorithy-BTK) and international (International Community of Non-Ionising Radiation Propagation- ICNIRP) standards. As a result of the measurements, the digital map is created according to the maximum and average electric field values of the campus. Keywords - Electrical field, magnetic field, electromagnetic field mapping