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Performance Analysis of a Stepper Motor to Use in a Wave Energy Converter

One of the main advantages of ocean waves as resources for electrical energy production is its high energy density. Several methods have been proposed for the conversion of ocean wave that is mechanical energy into electrical energy. One such method consist the use of a direct drive generator with a point absorber floating element. The generator is driven by mechanical mechanism system and floating element oscillates due to the sea wave’s movement. This paper presents the study of design and steady state of a stepper motor as a generator mode, to use in a wave energy conversion system. A NEMA 23 single-phase stepper motor has been chosen. Based on the dimension of the selected stepper motor, magnetic flux density was solved by using a finite element analysis tool. The effect of the parameter of the stepper motor such as air-gap, thickness of permanent magnet and type of permanent magnet on the performance of stepper motor are analyzed by FEMM software and the results are also discussed. Keywords: Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Finite element magnetic method (FEMM), Stepper Motor, Wave energy, Wave energy conversion system