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Robust Mobile Robot Self-Localization System with Sensor Fusion

This paper describes an efficient and robust localization system for autonomous mobile robot navigation in a structured indoor environment. In this system, artificial landmark-based localization algorithm is proposed to localize the mobile robot. To obtain the information required for the localization process, a camera and three ultrasonic sensors are used. Vision based localization system can benefit from using with ultrasonic sensors. Sensorfusion is performed at the detection of landmarks to be more precisely.The system will make landmark detection by using the data from camera when front ultrasonic sensor gets the distance (100 ~ 120cm) from the wall which is in front of the robot.The system only need to focus on the probable area which has landmark so it can reduce computational time. Sensor fusion is applicable for mobile robot navigation. This proposed algorithm is based on KalmanFillter (KF), which utilizes the data between observed and detection of artificial landmarks, to correct the position and orientation of the vehicle.The experimental results of the proposed system prove that both reliability and precision of the environmental observations used for the self-localization problem of mobile robot are more efficient. Keywords: Artificial landmarks, Kalman filter, Localization, Mobile robot, Navigation, Ultrasonic sensors.