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Modelling and Implementation of Home Energy Management System for Renewable Energy based Hybrid System for Residential Application

The ever rising demand of electricity and arrival of smart grid and microgrid concepts have created a new context for home energy management systems (HEMS) in the distribution side of the power system network. HEMS are normally employed to control different energy sources in the distribution network to meet consumer demand. In this paper, a hybrid system which includes distributed generation (DG), battery and distribution electric grid are employed as energy sources in the consumer residential in order to meet the demand. The hybrid system permits coordinated operation of small distributed energy resources (DERs) to concede necessary active power and additional service whenever required. This paper uses HEMS which switches between the grid power and the distributed energy sources. The HEMS incorporates controllers for maximum power point tracking (MPPT), battery charge and discharge and inverter for effective control between different sources depending upon load requirement and availability of sources. The simulations are carried out using MATLAB/Simulink tool and results clearly show an effectiveness of the proposed method in providing continuous power by switching between different sources. Keywords - Energy Management System (HEMS), Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), Distributed Generation (DG), Photovoltaic (PV), Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)