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Performance Analysis Rectangular Patch Double Slot Microstrip Antenna at 2.4 GHZ Frequency to Temperature Changes

This research discusses the effect of temperature changes on the performance of a rectangular microstrip patch antenna double slot. Antenna dimensions which were obtained through calculation and optimization were then simulated using the software CST Microwave Studio 2015. The antenna was designed at 2.4 GHz frequency in standard environmental conditions with a temperature of 300 K (=27° C). Antenna is also simulated by the prescribed temperature variation, which is at 20° C, 27° C, 30° C, 40° C and 50° C. The fabrication process of microstrip antenna is using FR4 materials with a dielectric constant (εr) = 3.9 as substrates and the radiator material elements using copper. In the rectangular microstrip patch antenna double the slots measurement were also given the same temperature variation with simulations. Changes in temperature affect the expansion of the material and the value of the dielectric constant of the material (εr) antenna that can destabilize the overall antenna performance, including dropped value of VSWR and return loss. Keywords - Frequency, Electromagnetic Waves, Microstrip Antenna, Rectangular Patch, Temperature Variation.