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Perfect Hand Gesture Control For Remote Windows OS Application Program Operations using a Wearable Armband Device and its SDK

This study presents a system integration framework to use the popular wearable device, the Myo armband, to remotely perform several function operations in a Windows-operative system (Windows-OS) media player application program. The wearable My-armband device is well-known for its rapid developments in establishing a hand gesture recognition system, and in this work, the My-armband is employed for easily performing the recognition task of the designed different hand gesture commands. In this study, a layered command mapping table to provide a connection relationship between the Windows-OS keyboard shortcut set and the practical media player operation set is designed in advance. Each recognized hand gesture command is corresponding to one of the keyboard shortcuts, and according to the command mapping table, the classified keyboard shortcut is then used to perform certain specific operation control to the Window-OS media player application program, such as reducing the volume, increasing the volume, moving forward the video or moving backward the video. By using the designed layered command mapping table, the recognition category of the wearable Myo device with only 5 hand gesture commands can be significantly increased. In addition, recognition performance reports of hand gesture command recognition using Myo software development kit (Myo SDK) have also been provided in this study to evaluate the effectiveness of the developed remote media player operation application. Index Terms—Wearable Device, Myo Armband, Hand Gesture Recognition, Layered Hand Gesture Command Table, Keyboard Shortcut, Media Player