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Robust Speed Sensorless Vector Control using Fuzzy Regulator with a Strategy of Linearization by State Feedback of Induction Motor

In this paper, we show that the association of the fuzzy logic regulators with a control strategy using the linearization by return of state feedback by using fuzzy regulators for an induction machine without speed sensor, and with adaptation of the rotor resistance. The rotor speed is estimated by using the model reference adaptive system approach (MRAS). This method consists of using two models. The first one is the reference model and the second is an adjustable one in which two components of the stator flux, obtained from the measurement of the currents and stator voltages are estimated. The estimated rotor speed is then obtained by canceling the difference between stator-flux of the model of reference and those of the adjustable model. Satisfactory results of simulation are presented at the end of this paper to highlight the proposed method. Keywords- Induction Motor, Fuzzy Logic Control, adaptive method with model of reference, Vector control, Speed Sensorless.