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Charging Time Reduction by Simultaneous Individual Charging of Battery Combination

Electricity is the driving source of power for almost all appliances, gadgets, etc. But this energy storage is limited to batteries, generators, etc. These too have further limitations like leakages, losses, long charging time, large space requirement and many more. It is the reason which restricts the utility of electric power in many applications. This paper discusses a solution for one of the limitations mentioned above- long charging time. Charging a battery is storing electricity in battery in electro-chemical form so as to use it whenever required. But this is a tedious process. The charging time depends on battery capacity, supply voltage, etc. To store large amount of electricity, it will consume long time. So, the idea is to divide large capacity battery into equivalent small ones, charge these small capacity batteries individually and simultaneously and finally connect them to get desired output parameters. Thus, reduction in charging time is achieved. Keywords - Electric Energy, Battery, Series Combination, Charging, Charger