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VLSI Implementation Of Low-Cost Fir Filter Structure Based On Improved Faithfully Rounded Truncated Multiplier

This paper presents the design of low-cost FIR filter structure based on Improved Faithfully rounded truncated multiplier. The Improved truncated multiplier design reduces the area and power consumption by computing the most significant part of Partial Product Bit (PPB) matrix and also minimizes the number of full adders and half adders used for compression of PPB matrix. In the proposed multiplier design, the least significant part of PPB matrix is significantly compressed by jointly considering deletion, truncation, and rounding. The total truncation error of improved truncated multiplier is not more than 1ulp (unit of least position) so this design gives the precised output. The FIR filter design is realized using improved truncated multiplier which achieves better area and power results. This design is simulated and synthesized using XILINX ISE software.