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Application Of Wireless Power Transmission Via Radio Frequency (Rf) Signal

This paper focuses on Application on wireless power transmission via Radio Frequency (RF) signal. Power has been the major problem in the usage of some of these devices most especially in third world countries where power is epileptically supplied. This presentation proposes a prototype system which wirelessly generates DC for charging. As the wireless technology is getting popular nowadays, the demand for power is also increasing. Batteries need to be recharged or changed eventually, hence the need for a system that is capable of supplying uninterrupted cheap power to some of these devices. The microwave source consists of a microwave oven magnetron with electronics to control the output power. The output microwave power ranges from 50 W to 200 W at 2.45 GHz. By using concept we can practically charge batteries of robots working in industry for production. By this concept we can increase productivity by continuous charging.