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A Comparative Study Of Channel Estimation For Multicarrier System For Qam/Qpsk Modulation Techniques

Rapid changes and growth in mobile communication have inspired the researcher for the better performance of the high speed wireless communication systems. This paper proposes the comparative study of Channel Estimation for the Multicarrier system using various estimation techniques mainly for skirmishing fading effect; it improves the performance of the system. The problems such as Inter-Carrier Interference which is mainly due to the carrier offset effect is reduced to a considerable extent by applying different estimation algorithm. A new approach based on TDI has been presented.TDI is obtained by passing estimated channel to time domain through Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform and zero padding. The comparison between the LS, LS-Spline and MMSE for QPSK and QAM modulation techniques for different SNR and FFT vales has been carried out. It is investigated that by applying the DFT over estimated power of the channel for 16-QPSK modulation technique, the performance of the channel estimators becomes better.