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An Integrated Prepaid Energy Meter Using GSM

This paper presents a prepaid energy meter to facilitate energy consumption measurement and to know consumer’s maximum demand. The prepaid energy meter concept is shown by Proteus 8 software simulation. The major components are PIC microcontroller, Voltage and Current transformer, LCD, Relay and a load. Electricity has become one of the basic requirements for people and widely used for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes. The energy billing system used nowadays are labour and time consuming. Errors are inevitable at every stage of billing, some are human errors while noting down the meter readings, errors while processing the paid bills and the due bills. There is no proper way to know the consumer's maximum demand, usage details. This paper demonstrates the use of prepaid energy meter system. If we use this system it will be beneficial for the consumer to manage power. It is easy to operate and cost effective. Another advantage of the prepaid system is that the human errors in taking meter readings and processing bills can be reduced to a large extent.