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Online Hand Written Character Recognition Using Digital Pen For Static Authentication

Due to the rapid development of computer technology, Human Computer Interaction (HCI) techniques have become an indispensable component in our daily life. HCI focuses on the understanding between humans and the computer. Also the protection of password involves different methods and it is being a great challenge to the computer industry. Hand Written Character is one form of human interaction can be used effectively in HCI for static authentication with better password protection. In this paper, the Digital Pen consists of triaxial micro-electromechanical (MEMS) Accelerometer, to capture the activities of the human and to capture motion trajection information from accelerations for recognizing gestures for handwriting. The pen operates in two modes. It can operate as mouse by recognizing the gestures and other mode it can operate as Handwritten Character Recognition for identifying the digits and characters also in this mode it provides static authentication for the systems by recognizing the characters. An Integrated Development Interface is developed using dotnet to recognize the characters.