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Diminishing Of Losses In A Transmission Line By Using UPFC

The Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) is the most versatile and complex power electronic equipment that has emerged for the control and optimization of power flow in electrical power transmission system. This paper presents real and reactive power flow control through a transmission line by placing UPFC at the sending end. When no UPFC is installed, real and reactive power losses in the transmission line can not be controlled. This paper presents control and performance of UPFC intended for installation on that transmission line to minimize losses. Installing the UPFC makes it possible to control an amount of active power flowing through the line. Based on the conventional power system state estimation model, a kind of model for state estimation with UPFC is introduced in this paper, in which power injection model is used and the affect of UPFC on the power flow is transferred to the two nodes of the corresponding transmission line. This method can be integrated to the conventional state estimation using MATLAB Programming with the consideration of UPFC. To show the validity of the proposed techniques a five-bus, and an IEEE-14 bus test power systems are proposed.