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Edge Based Human Face Detection Using Matlab

Face detection has been proven one of the most interesting topics in research in the past few decades. It holds great importance in the field of Information and Communication. It is rapidly entering in all the sectors and aspects of our life. Technologies can be used in developing environments where people interact with smart electronic devices. Face detection can act as basis for face recognition which is further used in intelligent security systems, smart home systems etc. It opens doors for the applications where face recognition is used and security is the key issue. Criminal recognition in jails, password in phones, computers etc. are few example of such a system. Face detection is a key to improve the way we interact with machines. As the needs grow the applications can be explored. The paper presents the concept of face detection using edge detection. Edge is one of the basic features of an image. An image is a combination of edges. The points at which brightness of an image changes sharply are typically organized into a set of curved line segments termed as edges. We use the same concept in face detection by which the intensity of the face color (brightness of the pixels) is used as a constant value and further calculation are done. Image reconstruction is used for enhancement of the vague edges.