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Hybrid Wind Turbine - Diesel Microgrid Power System For Remote Areas

The paper deals with the holistic modeling approach of a combined diesel and wind power systems. The method is using two different software modeling tools: HOMER (Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewable) and MATLAB /simulink. Following description of the software- modeling tools, an evaluation of how to determine the optimal system is discussed. As an overview of the modeling process, HOMER is used to size and optimize the system according to the system constraints such as fuel costs; wind resources number of turbines, etc.., with the HOMER data a suitable model is obtained to determine a range of annual fuel usage by the implementation of numerous wind turbine arrays and other system factors. Finally, the power control strategy is achieving with a HPNSWD system is investigated using MATLAB simulink. With the MATLAB / simulink effectively simulating transient conditions of diesel power up/ power down during periods of fluctuations in wind resources. To decrease the fuel consumption by adopting a wind turbine to the diesel power generators. The objective of this project is to utilize the potential energy of wind and is converted into electric energy to supply load demand of the area.