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Secure transaction using Visual Cryptography and Steganography

Today’s banking system has brought core banking for the user’s convenience, which is a set of services, where authentication plays crucial role. There are many security features available in every area wherever secure transaction is required. The proposed paper deals with Chaotic Genetic algorithm and AES algorithm for encryption along with steganography and Discrete Wavelet Transform for Visual cryptography. Cover image is preserved in the database and Secret image is provided by the applicant on which processing is done. The idea of the visual cryptography model proposed is to embed the secret image into Cover image. Random shares are generated from it, which separately reveals no information about the secret image. Shares are sent through open communication channel. Secret image can be decrypted by authenticated applicant only when all shares are extracted to reconstruct the secret image. Keywords - Visual cryptography, Steganography, Chaotic Genetic algorithm, AES encryption