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Numerical Analysis of SLJ of Laminated FRP Composite with different Fiber Orientation

Modern frames are constructed with major amount of FRP composite materials for their structural components in both primary as well as secondary components which are coupled either by fastener or adhesive bonding. Mostly Adhesively bonded joints are chosen over fastener joints due to tremendous advantages like less weigh, better fatigue and corrosion strength, less points of stress concentration and easy load share/transfer. Major components of automobile, marine and aerospace parts are joined together by different types of adhesives. As a result, these emergent needs stipulate the meticulous study on stress concentration and strength analysis of adhesive joints. FEA is increased in the strength analysis of adhesively bonded Single Lap Joints with Laminated FRP composites. FEA helps to evaluate and analyse the process virtually with very less time consumption. The present work reports a numerical analysis of adhesively bonded joints of laminated FRP composites mainly single lap joints with Uni-directional, Cross-directional and Angled fiber orientation/ply stacking sequence. Joint is subjected to static load and ABAQUS software package is used to carry out the analysis. The outcome helps in depicting the failure loads for different orientation and optimized. Index Terms - FEA, Fiber Orientation, FRP Composite, SLJ, Stress Analsis.