Paper Title
Wearable Health Monitoring Device

In this paper, we present the blueprint and build out of a non-invasive, wearable, new integrated health monitoring device that estimates the amount of calories burnt considering heart pulse rate as a parameter, records real electromyography signals of contraction and relaxation of muscles and monitors the core body temperature in notation Arduino environment. Heart rate can be maintained in certain zones to perform workout with predefined intensity levels. The device keeps a track on the calorie consumption by self input of food items eaten by user and thus helps to keep a trace on required calories to be burned to achieve a certain weight loss routine. Electromyographic signals of the part of muscle under study of the user are recorded and sent immediately to the physician in order to detect convulsions and muscle fatigue and thus to take necessary first aid and other measures directed by the physiotherapist. Nuero-muscular disorder patients can be monitored regularly on the device. As the EMG signals of muscles in various parts of body can be transmitted to the doctor regularly and remotely. Core body temperature of the person is also displayed and monitored continuously. Index Terms - Electromyography, heartrate, temperature, health monitor, fitness, calorie.